Pedro Ferreira

Hi, I'm Pedro. For over 13 years I've been involved in the aerospace sector, particularly the thermal subsystem in scientific space applications. In 2016 I claimed responsibility over my tasks and priorities and became an independent contractor aka freelancer.

I'm an aerospace engineer with an educational background in astrophysics. My academic studies gave me a strong basis in physics, applied mathematics and orbital mechanics, which made for a seamless transition into the aerospace engineering sector. In addition, I learned basic computer science and advanced physics topics. Later I complemented my education with a Space Engineering course and a project management certification.

Pedro Ferreira

I'm passionate about optimization and improvement: powerful qualities in the demanding space industry.

When I'm not focusing in space matters, I like to enjoy what this planet has to offer by feeling its gravity in my body , being in nature and cooking tasty food.

You may download my contact card below: Pedro Ferreira