I provide thermal engineering services for space systems with a focus on design and analysis. Some examples:

  • Worst-case determination for any mission and subsystem, Earth-orbiting and beyond.
  • Thermal system design and engineering for space applications of any type and complexity: assisting your system design by suggesting improvement ideas and ways to implement those changes:
    • Material and coating selection
    • Active vs Passive thermal control
    • Radiator and heater sizing
    • Sensitivity analyses
  • Requirements definition: providing a set of requirements for your application to present to the system authority.
  • Requirements interpretation: translating the thermal requirements from the prime on your thermal system.
  • Detailed thermal analysis: thermal modeling and analysis for nominal and worst cases, as well as what-if scenarios, for both:
    • GMM - radiative/orbital analysis
    • TMM - Finite Element or Lumped Element modelling (conduction, radiation, convection, ablation)
  • Test predictions and result/model correlation
  • Modelling and analysis of:
    • Electronic boxes, boards and components; Hot-spot location
    • Soil modelling for lander applications
    • Optical payloads with stringent temperature requirements

If your need is not in the list above, contact me: I'm inherently curious and interested in new applications.